Super Vox Gold 1.62 (New Crack)

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new Super Vox Gold 1.62 (New Crack)

Post  Tamu on Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:03 am

-New Feature! YHTTP PRotocol... An unbootable chat protocol.

You switch to this protocol on the Login Form. Click the button "YMSG" to
Switch to "YHTTP" PRotocol.

YHTTP PRotocol is a stateless protocol for Chat.. There is no continuous connection!

You log in to the server through HTTP POST's and you receive data using a periodic FeedPing.

You are never really connected to the server! The data like Private messages, chatroom data,
and other data are stored server side in a buffer and Supervox requests that data every few
seconds based on what you set the 'FeedPing Rate' setting on the login settings form.

On the Chatroom form, under the 'cmds' button, ther is a new menu option to turn on/off the feed ping.

If you are being booted, you can either do nothing or turn off the feed ping. The large amounts of
booting packets will never come to you then. Thery goto the server's buffer that saves your data. After
a certain size.. the buffer justs gets overwritten, so it does not accumulate. Therefore, when the FeedPing
requests the data, its only ever a certain size and never bigger. You can't be flooded by large amounts of


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