Fuck-Dofox-Family By __MadSuck__

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new Fuck-Dofox-Family By __MadSuck__

Post  __marichal.booteur10__ on Wed May 21, 2008 2:47 pm

Fuck Super Moderator Dofox Family By MadSuck

This booter is 50 bots login only with 5 hard boot option
to fuck DOFOX FAMILY and note be carefull to use this dont login your bots more than
50 bots because when you login 51 or 100 bots the program will
error so you can load 50 bots only and login 30 or 50 bot its ok because i add
hard packets to kill the noob with 50 bots login only otherwise you login
more than 50 bots like 100 or 200 bots your bots will ban so carefully and
follow me load 50 bots and login your bots with 30 or 50 bots only so enjoy to fuck dofox the king of noob lolz




password: dofox-noob


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