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End Game Professional

DC 1: Silent Disconnect for 8.0 and 8.1
DC 2: Silent Disconnect for 8.0 and 8.1
Note: Both of these DCs will sometimes boot clients and ytunnel depending on settings, protocol and connection speed.
YTDC: Essentially a supercharged version of DC 2.
Client 1: A special random string bomb consisting of 4 characters, has good results against Yazak, and Yahelite doesnt seem very effective against Ymlite.
Client 2: Another Client disconnect seems to work well against most clients using the newer protocols.
Custom PM: Sends PM bomb containing the text from the Custom Message box.
Lagg: Sends a special text lagg packet designed to lagg Yahoo messenger.
Freeze: Sends a bomb that freezes messenger up rather effectively.
Proto: Sends a mixture of several different packets usually crashing messenger at the end.
Login: Sets the pause between each login packet. Setting this too low can result in skipped bots and a possible ban.





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