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new YF-Spammer-Tool-Kit-Pro-V2

Post  __marichal.booteur10__ on Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:59 pm

Mass Room UserList Grabber N Spammer!!

Use a Single ID, Build up a List of Rooms to Join using the Rooms Grabber!
Then Set you Join Spam Message, and leave spam Message, and turn on Room Spam If you wish!

Then in a single click it will join and spam all the rooms, and build a big list of all the users from all the rooms,
Which you can at the end save! Or Save after each room joined is what i do, incase it crashs:p hehe

After you start The Process You can turn Spam Room on or off at any point! If off, ID will join many rooms faster!
Getting only all the users for you! Faster because when spamming room, Bot must stay in room for 1 min!
Before it can leave room to join next! other wise the spam you post will dissappear from all chat users screen when you leave room:p
Standard Yahoo Rule no way round it sorry!

Spam Each Room Optional!
Grabs Users from all the rooms
Save to one big list for future PM Spamming! With the use of the Mass ID Spammer int his tool kit!

Mass ID Spammer

Can Load A List of Names your have gathered from Rooms, Or Buddy list using one of the other 2 Spam Tools!

Login any 1 bot or Real Looking ID!
Custom Spam Message the Big List of Users.

Handy To Spam Your Site, Your Fake Login page, Fake Progs Etc

Adjustable Delay!

Login Updated After last Yahoo Server Patching!

Code By Yahooz Fynest!

Mass Acc buddy list Grab-N-Spam

Ultimate Unique Spammer Never before seen or made!

Designed to Spam the Buddy list of multiple Main Acc's!
And at the same time Collect the buddy Lst of all the Acc's to One Big list that,
At the end you can Kill Duplicates on, Incase there was any, and Save to Text File!





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