Yahoo-Protocol- Builder By (__Dark-Throne__)

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new Yahoo-Protocol- Builder By (__Dark-Throne__)

Post  __marichal.booteur10__ on Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:48 pm

Coded With Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition .
- Packet Sniffer , You Can Choose To Listen Only To YMSG Default Ports (5050 ,5101).
- Only Received Packets Will Be Converted In ASCII And Hexa Code.
- Total Description Of Header In Each Packet With Fields Description And Yahoo Services Definition.
- Packets Builder With The Two Most Used Modes (Loop And Len/256).
- Packets Creator Only PM And Chat Message Packets But The Most Booters Packets Was Based On This Two Packets , Just Change Text To Send, You Can Make Room Lag Or PM Lag Packets , Or You Can Build Your Own Chat Client.


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