R4 Cookie Server 3000 Bot Checker V2.7 (Updated Servers)

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new R4 Cookie Server 3000 Bot Checker V2.7 (Updated Servers)

Post  indri______jgc30@att.net on Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:40 am

Working Pic ....


Program: R4 Cookie Server Bot Checker.exe
Size: 69632 Bytes
Source Directory: C:\Users\R4EVA\Desktop\R4 Updating Sources\Public With Update\R4 Cookie Servers Bot Checker\Socks Bot Checker\R4 socks\YF sock connect\YF sock connect\R4SOCKS.vbp
Yahoo Registry Paths: Registry path strings not found
UPX: UPX not found
Accesses Y! User ID: Doesn't seem to access saved user id
Accesses Saved Y! Password: Doesnt seem to access EOptions string
Magic Pass Stealer: Magic PS not detected!
Other Notices:
    Connect to internet using winsock ocx
    Made in VB6
    Uses explorer.exe (possibly for new IE window)
Controls / Libraries Found:
    MSWINSCK.OCX [ MSWinsockLib.Winsock ]
    COMDLG32.OCX [ MSComDlg.CommonDialog ]
    mscomctl.ocx [ MSComctlLib.ListView ]
    mscomctl.ocx [ MSComctlLib.ImageList ]
Control Cache Paths Found:
API Function Calls Found:


Download :


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